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Chateau Clos FourtetChateau Clos Fourtet
1er Grand Cru Classe B, St Emilion
Production; Average 4,500 cases; Second Wine – Closerie de Fourtet
Vinification takes place in temperature controlled, stainless steel vats. Malolcatic fermentation is performed in barrel and aged for 18 months in 60% to 80% new French-oak.

Now and again it is worth bringing to the attention of my beloved audience; that’s my wife, Pluto & Luna – the dogs, and of course your kind self! – Magical estates that are missed through the hustle and bustle of the headliners……………….

For those who have visited the Right Bank of the great Gironde estuary, would most certainly have strolled up and down the cobbled streets in the romantic village of Saint Emilion. Its charm is overwhelming and unforgettable. Literally on the outskirts of this medieval fortified settlement (on the northern side), enclosed by the familiar pale-gold limestone that seems to encompass this region everywhere one looks, and but a stone’s throw away, is the 18th Century Chateau Clos Fourtet.

We have been selling wine from this estate for some time now. Some of our clients have been amazed with the consistency of unique Chateau Clos Fourtet 2expression and complexity each vintage brings. Of course the ‘magical’ 2009, a wine which received Robert Parker’s optimum score of 100 points, has really helped bring this Chateau into focus. The following 2010 also scored well by the influential critic – achieving 98 Points – highlighting in his notes the fact that ‘This property has been on fire, qualitatively speaking, for well over a decade.’(Wine Advocate February 2013).

For us, we can only echo Parker’s view that since the present owner, Phillipe Cuvelier, brought in Jean Claude Berrouet and Stephane Derenoncourt, (seeming to be effectively blending their contrasting wine-making styles into a more bio-dynamic driven approach, creating flamboyance and purity at the same time) who are now turning heads in the market towards this often over looked property.

Chateau Clos Fourtet 3The Chateau itself stands above huge caves where the stone was carved away to help build and repair buildings within the village over the centuries. The space left is used by the estate to store the oak casks alongside revered bottles that make up the Chateaux reserves. This subterranean environment is perfect for the maturation and preservation of the wines. This spectacle is well worth a visit and will amaze those fortunate to set their eyes upon.

Chateau Clos Fourtet 4