Wine, in particular the region of Bordeaux has always been a fascination of mine. The complexity and elegance of the wines made from this region of France has always fueled my passion to excel in this marketplace.

Having previously studied business, I found myself working in property development – however I always believed that my passion for wine would eventually lead me to the ‘sacred grape’. I spent my early years in the trade working for 2 separate and established wine trading companies, a vast industry knowledge was gained over this period – despite this, my ambitious nature always harbored a desire to ‘hold the reins’ of my very own fine wine trading service.

My visits to Bordeaux, unfortunately are more restricted to business these days……….although I aim to change this as I get older. In my experience, people are very much like wine – some turn to vinegar, however the best get better with age!

I have a wonderful wife and have two amazing daughters………..my hobbies include football, the occasional round of golf, and of course relaxing with a fine bottle of Bordeaux!